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Beauty soap and cleansing brush

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Beauty soap and cleansing brush


Magma soap is made of volcanic stones that emit large amount of far infrared ray, herbs, and algae. Rich in minerals, it softens and moisturizes the skin. and the soft Magma cleansing brush helps your skin refreshing and smooth by cleansing even the waste which sticks to your pores.

Company Introduction

Jeju Magma Energy Co.,Ltd. specialized in manufacturing precious and functional products using magma volcanic stones. The "Magma heukgiseok" is the fruit of our 10 years of research and development efforts. We have been producint, selling, and exporting some 50 types of products such as Magma healthy functional accessories, beds, functional underware, soap and more. We promote and sell our products through home shopping channel in the U.S and have 12 authorized retail shops in the U.S. And also, our products are selected as one of the official presents for the presidents during the Korean-Asean summit talk and the Korea-China-Japan summit talks.

In addition, we are the authorized medical device manufacturer by KFDA.
As such, Jeju Magma Energy Co.,Ltd. continues its best efforts to raise product reliability.